Madden 18: Some of the Funniest (and Most Game Breaking) Glitches So Far

Madden 18: Some of the Funniest (and Most Game Breaking) Glitches So Far

From invisible running backs to coaches on the field, we highlight some of the most amusing Madden 18 glitches so far.

It's Madden 18 season, which means that it's also officially time for a whole bunch of amusing Madden glitches.

Madden's bugs are famous among fans and gamers alike—so much so that there's an entire series out there called "Breaking Madden." It's a natural consequence of Madden being an extremely complex game with a lot of interlocking parts: When you're trying to choreograph a bunch of disparate AI players, you're bound to see some weird stuff.

Madden 18 is no different in that regard, and the transition to Frostbite has left it open to plenty of weirdness. Here are some of my favorites so far.

The Amusing But (Mostly) Harmless Bugs

I love glitches like this one. The running back's a ghost! It's funny watching the ball just kind of bob and weave its way into the endzone, then drop with a thunk on the ground. This is actually one that's happened to me, by the way.

This is also a fairly familiar sight in Madden. Sometimes the offensive and defensive line A.I. and physics will just completely fall apart, and you'll see something like this. It only gets to be a drag when players just jump over each other for eternity, subsequently breaking the game and forcing you to start over. Thankfully, that doesn't happen very often.

And another one!

A teleporting fumble!

This is a new one: The coaches are on the field! This is a consequence of making the coaches actual character models who are doing things on the sideline, I suspect. It's a shame that you can't actually put them at linebacker. I'm guessing Jim Caldwell could lay a few fools out.

Neutral zone infraction!

Aaron Rodgers apparently forgets to turn around so that he can hike the ball? I can't even imagine where this bug came from.

One Exploit That's a Little Less Benign

Naturally, it also wouldn't be Madden if we didn't have some sort of horrifying money play glitch. And it seems that this is the one that we've been saddled with until EA decides to go ahead and patch it.

As you can see, players have figured out how to completely break Cover 2 with certain post routes. With the proper read and a couple adjustments, you can have a receiver wide open down the middle of the field for an easy touchdown.

I've had this happen to me a few times in games already. I thought that it was a mistake by me, but it seems that it's actually an exploit, which makes me hesitant to play in the new Madden Champions Weekend League... or at least to call Cover 2.

Word of advice: Cover 6 out of Big Dime 1-4-6 is a beast. Trust me on this.

Madden 18 is now available on all consoles. Check out both our review and all the tips and strategies you need!

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