Madden 19 Review Round-up

Madden 19 Review Round-up

Strictly speaking about gameplay, Madden 19 is a very solid entry.

Madden 19 is officially out next week on August 10, but reviews are already out and subscribers to EA's new premium tier plan for EA Origins Access can play the full game right now. So, what's the verdict on EA Sport's latest football sim?

Madden 19

Madden 19 Reviews

Well, the consensus appears to be that the Real Player Motion EA talked up really does enhance the look and feel of the game, and changes to franchise mode keep the game from being too repetitive. And while none of the reviews caught the Colin Kaepernick controversy in time for the final verdict, the gameplay and total feature set itself means Madden 19 can be considered a solid entry for this year's crop of sports games.

  • Madden 19 Review (USgamer) - 3.5/5 – Review Quote: "Madden 19 is a solid, if occasionally ragged, follow-up to last year's big transition to Frostbite. The improvements to the animation and franchise mode stand out, but Longshot: Homecoming feels like a step back from last year's ambitious introduction."
  • Madden 19 Review (GamesRadar+) – 4.5/5 – Review Quote: "Madden has never been better in terms of cleats-on-the-ground nitty-gritty gameplay. Its periphery content, such as Longshot: Homecoming, shouldn't be overlooked, either. Care and attention has been poured into the game from opening coin toss to final whistle – and you're going to love every minute of it."
  • Madden 19 Review (IGN) – 8.9/10 – Review Quote: "Most importantly, Madden 19 has finally cracked that slightly repetitive feel that can make it tough to go on, game after game. With Real Player Motion delivering a fluid on-the-field experience, and Franchise mode customization offering another level of realism, Madden is in a great place."
  • Madden 19 Review (Game Informer) – 8/10 – Review Quote: "Other than the new way to progress players, the Franchise mode is largely the same, leaving areas like free agency and scouting untouched. The one addition that can make a big difference is the ability to create custom drafts, meaning it's only a matter of time until some intrepid gamer with time on their hands recreates the entire real-life 2019 draft class and beyond for everyone to download"
  • Madden 19 Review (We Got This Covered) – 3.5/10 – Review Quote: "Madden NFL 19 is a solid entry to the franchise as it builds off the 2018 game in many ways, constantly tweaking the nuts and bolts of the gameplay itself. For some modes, it works well; for others, it's a nominal change at best."

So again, while none of the reviews tackle the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick, the game itself is a firm "pretty good" from reviewers. You can check out our Madden NFL 19 guide for the latest tips.

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