Madden 19 MUT is Getting a New Mode and Overhauled Chemistry Mechanic

Madden 19 MUT is Getting a New Mode and Overhauled Chemistry Mechanic

Madden 19 is going big with Ultimate Teams this year.

Madden 19 is coming in hard and fast and that means so is MUT. As Madden's most popular mode, Ultimate Team tends to get the most love, and sure enough EA has some major changes coming to Ultimate Team with Madden 19. These changes include updates to player upgrades, changes to Chemistry, and a new mode.

The biggest upgrade looks to be Solo Battles. Similar to FIFA's Squad Battles, players will be able to take on 13 battles a week and try to earn the highest Battle Score against the CPU. Unlike Solo Challenges there will be no retries, so you better shoot for the high score on the first go. Rewards will be handled like the Weekend League with 14 different reward tiers and bonuses for players in the Top 100.

Building on last year's ability to improve players, Ultimate Team is also introducing a new currency called Training, which is will be used to power cards to new tiers. Like last year, upgrading an item or player will made them no longer auctionable or tradeable. However, now players can downgrade their upgraded player back to Tier 1 if they wish, making them auctionable. This includes items and players that have been upgraded multiple tiers. Doing so will earn you a partial Training refund, though EA is still weighing the percentage players will get back.

New Madden 19 Power Up menu.

Other changes include allowing players to choose Chemistry for many cards rather than having it pre-assigned, meaning you will have less chance of drawing a stellar player with the wrong Chemistry. This is important because Chemistry affects everything in Ultimate Team, affording team-wide bonuses if you have enough players with the right chems. Backups will be able to contribute to Chemistry as well, though EA cautions that specific Chemistry Tiers will be harder to hit.

Chemistry upgrades in Madden 19

Lastly, Madden Ultimate Team Squads is returning from Madden 18 where you and two friends can play together online against a CPU. You and your teammates will each control a player on the team for weekly challenges and can be repeated for consistent coin rewards.

As always Ultimate Team will be a big part of Madden 19, dominating both its eSports segment and its general culture. Turns out card collecting is addictive as ever. Expect to hear a lot about it when Madden season kicks off in August.

You can read the full list of chances over at EA's official Madden blog. Madden 19 will be available on August 10, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. You can read our complete Madden 19 guide for all the latest news, screenshots, and new features.

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