Madden 20's Shaquem Griffin Can Make Miraculous No-Handed Catches

Madden 20's Shaquem Griffin Can Make Miraculous No-Handed Catches

Move on over, Odell.

Shaquem Griffin is a professional linebacker in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Shaquem Griffin also doesn't have a left hand. A condition he was born with prevented it from developing fully, and led to an amputation. However, he still competes at the highest level of pro football, and has made it into Madden 20, where he's making some unbelievable catches. With his left hand.

Twitter user and parody page Black Adam Schefter noticed this while playing Madden 20 the other day. A pass let loose by Eli Manning gets one-handed by Griffin mid-flight, only it comes down in his left hand.

It's a fun little nuance of game design, and it seems like Griffin himself is enjoying it, retweeting the video onto his timeline a few times. Griffin's already doing incredible work on the field-he put up a 4.38 on the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine-so let his virtual avatar go off a bit.

In 2018, SB Nation published a big look at Griffin's debut in Madden 19, where they took a look at Griffin's entry into the series and how designers made him unique. At the time they even role-locked him into linebacker, so he couldn't be put into positions like QB or WR. Their response to how Griffin would react in specific situations sheds light on how this Madden 20 clip happened, within the game's systems:

"We weren't able to make an entire suite of animations specific for Shaquem," said Haumiller. "So you will have situations where he goes for an interception and he might be catching it with what appears to be (a hand) floating in the air situation, or (if) he shifts hands as the ball carrier, it would look like where a hand would be."

If you're playing Madden 20, be sure to check out our guides to all the best position players, including the top 20 quarterbacks in Madden's league.

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