Madden NFL 17's Pass/Run Glitch is Currently Killing Online Play

Madden NFL 17's Pass/Run Glitch is Currently Killing Online Play

If you want to play online, you're apt to run into widespread abuse of this rather annoying glitch.

You know it's officially Madden season when the glitches start to come out. Plenty of sites have already covered this little gem, but there's another glitch that's had me avoiding online play of late.

Not long after Madden came out, players started taking note of that glitch you see in the video above, which makes it easy to tell if your opponent is running or passing. If you check your playart and you see player names, that means they've calling a passing play. If there are no names, they're planning to run. Easy.

Why is this significant? If you always know when your opponent is going to run, you can pretty easily call a run blitz or run commit to blow it up in the backfield. Conversely, if you know they're going to pass, you can go to a zone like Cover 4 to flood the field without worrying about getting burned by a run.

Naturally, word of this glitch has quickly spread across the Internet, prompting people to try and abuse it online. The cannier online players have responded by quickly audibling to a different play to catch the glitch abusers offguard, but there have still been plenty of reports of people running all the way to the top of Draft Champions with the help of the bug.

It's for that reason that I've elected to avoid playing online for the time being. I'm one of those people who likes to have a more sim experience, and the widespread abuse of the run/pass glitch only makes the game feel more artificial. It's a shame because Madden's gameplay is better than it's been in years, and I'm eager to take my budding Ultimate Team for a spin.

Thankfully, Madden's development team is aware of this glitch and plans to fix it in the first patch.

Due to the variable time requirements of certification, the Madden team isn't offering an official release window; but it's usually out by Week 1 of the NFL season. These sorts of glitches are really nothing new for Madden, and the first patch of the year usually has a long list of bugs and glitches to correct. For example, these are the patch notes from last year's version.

Even with these glitches, though, Madden fans still has a few reasons to feel positive about the current trajectory of the series. First, offline franchise mode is a lot of fun this year thanks to the addition of Key Moments, which takes some of the sting out of the online play broken. Second, the Madden team has shown themselves to be really on the ball with key improvements, even going so far as to patch in much-requested changes to franchise mode and Draft Champions a couple months after release.

So as unfortunate as these glitches might be, they don't take much of the shine away from this year's version. That said, though, I'm still going to wait a little bit before I head online for real. I've got a Super Bowl to win anyway.

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