Madden NFL 18: Tom Brady Will Be Cover Athlete, Release Date and G.O.A.T Edition Revealed

Madden NFL 18: Tom Brady Will Be Cover Athlete, Release Date and G.O.A.T Edition Revealed

And a brand new mode is being teased, too.

In case you thought it was impossible to hate the New England Patriots any more than you already do, one of their legends will be gracing the cover of Madden NFL for the second year in a row.

Settle down, Tom.

EA confirmed today that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be on Madden 18, where he will follow in the footsteps of Rob Gronkowski, who preened and flexed in the title screen for last year's version.

Brady is fresh off winning his fifth Super Bowl, in which he capped off a masterful comeback over the Atlanta Falcons. Interestingly, despite a long and successful career, Brady has never appeared on a Madden cover. Neither, for that matter, has his long-time rival, Peyton Manning—an odd omission given that both have legitimate claim to being the greatest of all time at their sport's most important position.

Brady, of course, will have to deal with the so-called "Madden Curse," which traditionally befalls players who appear on the cover. Gronkowski was the latest player to be bedeviled by injury after serving as a cover athlete, which he acknowledged in a tweet teasing the cover.

Aside from revealing that Brady would be the cover athlete, EA reiterated that Madden 18 will use DICE's Frostbite Engine. They also teased a "brand new mode," which will reportedly be a story mode similar to that of FIFA's "The Journey." A full reveal will take place during EA Play on June 10.

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As usual, Madden NFL 18 will be launching in late August, bringing with it two versions: a standard edition and a "G.O.A.T Edition" that will let you choose from one of five legendary players for Ultimate Team.

In addition, those who buy G.O.A.T. Edition will automatically receive access three days early, beginning August 22. EA Access members will be getting their customary 10 hours of early access starting August 17.

The full release will be August 25—just in time for football season. For more head on over to our constantly updated Madden NFL 18 Everything we Know article.

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