Madden Ultimate Team's Team of the Week Delayed Due to Hurricane Irma

EA's Florida studio was impacted by this weekend's hurricane.

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If you're still looking for Madden's Ultimate Team update this week, you might have to wait a couple days as Hurricane Irma disrupted the work being done by the Madden developers at EA Tiburon, who are based out of Florida. In a Reddit update, EA announced that the studio is at about half strength thanks to Irma, but are working hard to roll out Team of the Week and other fixes to Madden's Ultimate Team.

"The team is starting to roll back into the office, but is still about half strength," wrote an EA representative. "The greater Orlando area was actually fairly impacted, with over 60 [percent] of locals losing power. It takes a lot of people to deliver MUT content in season when all of the programs are firing, so getting back to cadence as things get turned back n will take a while."

Madden's Hurrican Irma update

A couple of the things EA Tiburon are trying to get running after the hurricane include the Team of the Week, which the devs are currently trying to push as early as tomorrow. EA expects it will be live by Thursday morning, but there isn't a guarantee that it will be.

Other issues EA is currently aware of include players not receiving the free Mean Joe Greene player and addressing how some players still haven't received their W1 rewards for the Weekend League.

Madden Ultimate Team is an online card game built into Madden that lets players build decks and trade cards. It's a surprisingly robust, and one could say addictive, feature in Madden's online suite.

Hurricane Irma is a massive Category 3 hurricane that hit Florida over the weekend. Evacuations were ordered by the governor leading up to the storm, but Florida was damaged by the storm nonetheless. Expect possible delays to EA's timeline estimates for Team of the Week as the state continues to recover.

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