Make a Statement At Your Next LAN with This NES-Inspired Mouse

Make a Statement At Your Next LAN with This NES-Inspired Mouse

You'll probably come in last at whichever game you're playing, but you'll look good while losing.

Most doctors will tell you selecting an ergonomic mouse is very important for protecting your wrist from wear and tear. Throw that good advice back in those doctors' faces and order this weird-ass NES-inspired mouse from 8BitDo.

The "N30" wireless mouse is a collaboration between 8BitDo and designer Daniel Jansson, who made a foam mock-up of the mouse ten whole years ago. The peripheral is NES-grey and adorned with two buttons that look exactly like the classic "A" and "B" buttons. There's a 3D touch pad in between the buttons that doubles as a scroll wheel.

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Best of all, there's a D-pad on the left side of the mouse that you can manipulate with your thumb. The directions are mapped to take your cursor forward and backward, and also let you go page up and page down. One AA battery should net you between 100 and 120 hours of life.

The whole shebang is endearingly boxy, no doubt by design. (The original NES's controller isn't history's most ergonomic accessory, either.) Ironically, said design makes it difficult to recommend as a gaming mouse. Its reasonable asking price of $24.99 USD makes it a great conversation piece, though.

The N30 mouse is a weird bit of nostalgic kit, but at this point we expect nothing less from 8BitDo. Retro peripherals and controllers are the merchant's specialty, including a device that lets your wired GameCube controller go wireless for Smash Ultimate, and a slew of retro controllers that accessorize perfectly with your Nintendo Switch.

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