Man Makes Nintendo Switch XL, the Least Useful System Upgrade in Gaming History

Man Makes Nintendo Switch XL, the Least Useful System Upgrade in Gaming History

Hoo-whee, bigger is not better with the Nintendo Switch.

Another day, another reason to quote Dr Ian Malcom's credo: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." This time, we're giving the side-eye to a gent who made a "Nintendo Switch XL" using a computer monitor, a normal-sized Switch, and a few additional components.

The video of the project was published at the end of February, but it very recently picked up some steam (and bemused reactions) on Resetera. The engineer, Vince of YouTube's My Mate Vince, demonstrates how a Nintendo Switch can be rigged up to a 1080p portable(-ish) TV screen while remaining in "handheld mode." The Joy-Cons still attach to the side of the monitor, though they look ridiculously small next to the screen. I also imagine extended play might gradually bend the metal tracks out of shape (the whole shebang weighs about 2 kilos).

The video is amusing to watch, and Vince admits the rig is unwieldy; he just hacked it together as a proof-of-concept, since making weird Frankenstein monsters out of game systems is what his channel is all about. He goes onto explain how his Switch XL prototype can be streamlined further, just in case someone wants to rise to the challenge.

"I promised my mom I wouldn't dabble in forbidden arts."

But we're left wondering if the "Nintendo Switch XL" is a machine that needs to exist in any form. Despite the Switch's overwhelming success worldwide, it's not what anyone would call a sleek, graceful system. It's good for long train or plane trips, but it's just a touch too large to whip out on a bus with standing room only. If anything, the Nintendo Switch needs to somehow become smaller and more compact without sacrificing picture quality. "Bigger" isn't ideal, except for a kooky experiment in electrical engineering.

While Vince has us on this twisted path of questionable ethics, though, I wouldn't mind seeing him fuse the Nintendo Switch with my parents' wood-panelled floor TV from 1985.

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