Mario Comes to iOS in Super Mario Run

Nintendo brings an official Mario game to Apple devices.

Super Mario is coming to iOS, though not in a traditional hop-and-bop adventure. The game, Super Mario Runs, is an endless 2D running game, an extremely popular niche for platforming characters gone mobile.

Legendary Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto actually joined Apple CEO Tim Cook on the stage of Apple's iPhone Event today to announce the game. It's new territory for Mario, as games based around Nintendo's mascot usually have to be played with two hands. Super Mario Run, however, can be played with a single finger.

As with most endless running games, Mario constantly progresses from left to right. When you tap, he jumps over (or on) obstacles and enemies. The game's graphical style adopts the New Super Mario Bros titles.

Super Mario Run also features a "Toad Rally" mode that appears to let you race against other players' ghosts and compete for high scores.

Interestingly, Super Mario Run will reportedly be a paid app that lacks in-app purchases. Nearly all endless running games are free-to-play, but that little twist of rebellion is a true Nintendo touch.

Super Mario Run is "Coming Soon" in the Holiday 2016 timeframe. A price has yet to be announced.

(Thanks, Ars Technica)

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