Mario Kart Tour Coins: Fastest Way to Earn Coins

Mario Kart Tour Coins: Fastest Way to Earn Coins

You’ll need Coins to buy items in Mario Kart Tour. Here’s how to get them.

Mario Kart just launched worldwide for Android and iOS devices. It takes the tried and tested formula of previous games in the series, and gives it a fresh coat of paint for mobile devices. Everything from the controls to the manner in which you unlock new items has been overhauled, with a brand new progression system to boot. You’ll need Coins to buy new items in Mario Kart Tour, though getting them can take some time. To help speed things up, you’ll find the best ways of collecting Coins, right here on this page.

Fastest Way to Earn Coins in Mario Kart Tour

You’ll need Coins to buy items in Mario Kart Tour. There are a few ways to earn them, though the fastest is to spend Rubies and enter the Coin Rush mini game. To do so, click the ‘+’ simple next to your Coin total at the top of the screen. This will then give you the option to spend Rubies. The more you spend, the higher the multiplier that will be applied. If you can afford it, you’ll want to go higher. All you need to do then is drive and collect Coins. Your score will be multiplied at the end.

Other Ways to Earn Coins

Coins will be awarded at the end of every race you take on. The better you perform, the more you’ll get. You’ll also get bonus Coins for performing actions like jump boosts, drifting, hitting opponents with items, and more. Gliding is a great way to rack up Coins, so make sure you stay in the air for as long as you can.

Can You Buy Coins Outright?

Weirdly, you cannot purchase Coins in Mario Kart Tour. You can buy Rubies however, which can be used to enter the Coin Rush minigame. You’ll get at least 300 per run, in exchange for 5 Rubies.

That’s all we have so far on Coins. For more on Mario Kart Tour, be sure to check out our guides on Multiplayer, and the Season Pass.

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