Mario Maker 2 3DS: Will Mario Maker 2 Release on 3DS?

Mario Maker 2 3DS: Will Mario Maker 2 Release on 3DS?

There’s a brand new Mario game coming in 2019. Here’s where you’ll be able to play it.

Mario Maker 2 is nearly here, offering new levels to beat and a host of new creation tools to master. The last game in the series released across multiple Nintendo consoles so you may well be wondering whether or not the same is true for Mario Maker 2. In this Mario Maker 2 3DS Guide we’ll take a look at whether or not Mario Maker 2 is coming to 3DS. Let’s-a-go!

Mario Maker 2 3DS

Mario Maker 2 is set to release on June 28 on Nintendo Switch, and will bring with it a host of new features. At the time of writing Mario Maker 2 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is not planned to release on 3DS.

Will Mario Maker 2 Come to the 3DS?

For now, Nintendo has not detailed any plans for releasing Mario Maker 2 on 3DS. There is some hope however, given that the first game did indeed release on 3DS, albeit a year after the WiiU version. This could be the case for Mario Maker 2, though with new releases dwindling on Nintendo’s legacy handheld, it is certainly less likely than with the first game.

We’ll be adding more info on whether Mario Maker 2 is coming to 3DS in the future, so be sure to check back regularly. For a look at all of the new features the game is bringing to the series, check out our Mario Maker 2 Everything We Know Guide.

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