Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Walkthrough

Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Walkthrough

There’s a tricky stage early on in Mario Maker 2’s story mode. Here’s how to clear the Buried Stones Stage.

Mario Maker 2 features a robust story mode on top of its flagship creation tools and online options. There are over 100 stages to play through, each with a star rating and a set of rewards for clearing them. One stage in particular is causing players headaches, though it’s pretty simple once you know what you’re doing. In this Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Walkthrough, we’ll take a look at the Buried Stones stage given out by Yellow Toad. We’ll take a look at getting the stone to the end of the stage, so that you can grab the coins that are awarded for doing so.

Super Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Walkthrough

If you’ve spent a few hours with Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode, you'll have unlocked a Yellow Toad Stage called Buried Stones. Despite being rated at a mere one-star difficulty, it’s easy to be stumped by the method required to finish it. To help you out, we’ve outlined a Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Walkthrough below:

How to Get a Buried Stone and Clear the Level

First off, make sure you make your way to around the midpoint of the stage, where you can find a Yoshi powerup. From here, head back the way you came, until you are in the position shown in the image below:

You can jump up and use Yoshi’s tongue to grab the stone above you, then you’ll need to carry it until you reach the jump platform shown below.

Spit out the stone onto the jump pad to the right. Use it to jump over with Yoshi. It’s okay that you’ve left it on the other side, as you’ll be able to pull it over to you using his tongue once again.

Once you’ve done so, you can head to the end of the stage. Completing this level will award you some Coins and Yellow Toad will build a statue nearby.

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