Mario Maker 2 Coin Farming - The Best Ways to Earn Coins

Mario Maker 2 Coin Farming - The Best Ways to Earn Coins

You’ll need Coins to rebuild Peach’s Castle. Here’s the fastest way we’ve found so far.

Mario Maker 2 features a fresh slate of excellent creation tools, allowing players to create and share their own levels. There’s also a pretty robust Story Mode to tackle, with Mario tasked with rebuilding Peach Castle after an incident with Undodog. To rebuild, you’ll need Coins, a lot of them. To help you rebuild the Castle as soon as possible, we’ve put together this Mario Maker 2 Coin Farming Guide. We’ll outline the fastest way to earn Coins in Super Mario Maker 2, and give you some tips on spending them.

Mario Maker 2 Coin Farming

While there are over 100 Jobs for you to earn Coins from, there are a few that are a better time investment than the others. One level in particular, strikes the perfect balance of net Coins, time to beat and difficulty. The level is called Koopa Troopa Car, Go! And it is number 55 in the game. Load up the level, and follow the steps below:

To get the maximum number of Coins in this level, make sure you use the enemies to jump higher each time. You’ll also want to double back once you get to the large Koopa enemy around midway through, as there are 50 Coins to get by evading a falling block. Keep to the upper arrow path and you’ll hit the top of the flagpole at the end. We got 116 Coins each time, for around a minute of play. Rinse and repeat to farm Coins in Mario Maker 2.

What to Spend Coins On

You’ll want to spend your Coins as soon as possible in Mario Maker 2, as you’ll need to clear a certain number of Jobs to finish each project. Other than that you’re free to tackle them in any order you wish.

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