Mario Maker 2: Do You Need a Nintendo Online Subscription to Play?

Mario Maker 2: Do You Need a Nintendo Online Subscription to Play?

A large chunk of the content in Mario Maker 2 involves online functionality. So do you need to get a Nintendo Online Subscription to play Mario Maker 2? Let’s find out.

Mario Maker 2 bundles together course creation tools and a pretty spectacular Story Mode. It is a different beast than other Mario games you may be used to, so we figured it’d be good to set the record straight as to the features you’ll need a Nintendo Online subscription for. In this Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Subscription guide, we’ll outline the modes you can play as standard, and those you’ll need to sign up to online for.

Do You Need a Nintendo Online Subscription to Play to Play Mario Maker 2?

We’d like to start off by saying that there are plenty of features in Mario Maker 2 that you can play without a Nintendo Online sub. The Story Mode, and the course creator tool are fair game, though if you want to upload anything you’ve made then you’ll need to sign up. You can play the levels you’ve made offline, so if that’s your bag then you’ll be fine as is.

Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Online Membership

If you’re looking to have access to the levels made by other players, you will need a Nintendo Online Subscription. Inversely, if you want to upload your levels for others to try, you’ll have to sign up. The online multiplayer is similarly behind the Online pay-wall, so to get the full suite of course features you will need to be a Nintendo Online member.

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