Mario Maker 2 Level 89 Just a Normal, Everyday Castle Walkthrough

Mario Maker 2 Level 89 Just a Normal, Everyday Castle Walkthrough

Here’s how to get through one of the hardest levels in Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode. Here’s our Just A Normal, Everyday Castle Walkthrough.

Super Mario Maker 2 builds upon the creation tools introduced by its predecessor, and even bulks up the Story Mode offering as well. There are over 100 levels to beat, each varying in difficulty and rewards. One of the hardest is Level 89, called Just a Normal, Everyday Castle. There are two checkpoints to clear, and some seriously devious traps and pitfalls throughout. That’s why we’ve put together this Mario Maker 2 Just a Normal, Everyday Castle Walkthrough, to make sure you make it to the end in one piece.

Super Mario Maker Level 89: Just a Normal, Everyday Castle Walkthrough

You’ll start off in an area with two doors. Head up to the top of the area, there’s a red mushroom powerup in the ‘?’ block to the left. Head up and over the doors, and go through the entrance here.

You’ll come out in an area with a big Koopa. Kill it and kick its shell to the right. You can now grab the P Switch and head up through the pipe on the right.

Take the P Switch to the top of the area and activate it. You can now go through the door at the top. Jump into the nearby Fire Cart and head upwards, avoiding the Flame Vents. Head up through the pipe.

This area is tricky, head to the right, grabbing the P Switch on your way. As fast as you can, make your way to the far right of the screen. Activate the switch so that the shell above hits the Music Block. This will release the key. Use it on the red door near the start of this area.

Immediately start running and jump across to the end of the area. You’ll need to dodge the bombs, and then use one to blow up the blocks ahead. Hit the first checkpoint and make your way through the door above.

You’ll come out in an area where you’ll need to jump across flame vents. The timing is pretty lenient here, and if you have a red mushroom powerup you can brute-force your way through to the end. Another checkpoint, and onto the next room.

Run across the conveyor belts, and equip a shell helmet. Use the helmet to defeat the enemies in this area and head down through the pipe.

You’ll arrive in an area you’ve been before. Head back through the green pipe. In this next area you can jump down to collect the coins on the right. Do so and head back to the starting area.

Use the shell helmet to break the block hiding the lower door. Make sure you have a shell helmet equipped and go through it.

Do not hit any of the ‘?’ Blocks in this area as they will spawn Boos. Run to the right and wall jump up to the green pipe.

Mario Maker 2 Just a Normal, Everyday Castle Boss Fight

The last thing to do is beat Bowser Jr. Wait for him to fly up high, and he’ll slam the ground. Jump before he hits the ground or you’ll be shocked. Jump over him and move to the exit. All that’s left to do is avoid a falling spike block, and hit the axe switch to end the level.

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