Mario Maker 2 How to Earn Gold Medals

Mario Maker 2 How to Earn Gold Medals

Medals are awarded for achieving certain feats in Mario Maker 2. Let’s take a look at how they work.

In Mario Maker 2, you can earn medals associated with your performance online. There are 10 different types of Mario Maker 2 Medals, and 6 different tiers in each one. To help you get up to speed with how Medals work in Mario Maker 2, we’ve put together this Super Mario Maker 2 Medals Guide. We’ll detail the 10 different Medal types available in the game, and also see how to earn Gold medals for each.

Mario Maker 2 How to Earn Medals

As we mentioned previously, there are 10 types of Medal to earn in Super Mario Maker 2. They range Maker Medals, to Medals associated with clearing the levels other people have made. Here are the 10 types of Medals in Mario Maker 2:

  • Maker Points (All-Time)
  • Maker Points (Weekly)
  • Number of Clears
  • Number of First Clears
  • Number of World Records
  • Multiplayer Versus Score
  • Endless Challenge Score (Easy)
  • Endless Challenge (Normal)
  • Endless Challenge Score (Expert)
  • Endless Challenge Score (Super Expert)

How to Get Gold Medals in Mario Maker 2

Now that you know all of the different Medal Types in Mario Maker 2, you’ll want to start working towards getting Gold Medals for each. This is tied to the bracket of players you fall into for each. This means that your ranking will change over time. Check out the chart below for how each Mario Maker 2 Medal bracket works.

Gold Ribbon#1
Silver Ribbon#2
Bronze Ribbon#3
Silver #101-2,000

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