Mario Maker 2 All Mii Outfits Unlocked

Mario Maker 2 All Mii Outfits Unlocked

You can change your outfit in Super Mario Maker 2. Here’s how.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game with two distinct parts. The first, and arguably the flagship mode, is the course creation and online aspect, which allows players to make their own levels and play those made by others. The other is a surprisingly robust story mode, though playing through it is also a good way of unlocking new clothing for your Makers. In Course World, your Mii is designated as a Maker, and will essentially be your Avatar for interacting with others. In Super Mario Maker 2, it’s possible to change your Mii Outfit. In this Mario Maker 2 Mii Outfits Guide, we’ll show you how, and take a look at unlocking more and more costumes.

Mario Maker 2 Mii Outfits

In Super Mario Maker 2, you’ll be awarded Mii Outfits for completing certain tasks and reaching specific milestones. To help you out, we’ve listed all of the Mii Outfits currently available in Super Mario Maker 2, alongside the ways to unlock each one. We’ll start by taking a look at the Mario Maker 2 Outfits that you can unlock via Story Mode:

  • Reset Dress - Finish Undodog's jobs in Story Mode
  • Partick Shirt - Finish Partick's jobs in Story Mode
  • Refreshing Shirt - Finish Mr. Eraser's jobs in Story Mode
  • Frog Cap - Finish Soundfrog's jobs in Story Mode
  • Yanamura Shirt - Finish Yanamura's jobs in Story Mode
  • Superball Mario Hat, Superball Mario Suit, and the Superball Flower - Hit the ‘?’ Block in Story Mode (found by clearing Purple Toad's jobs)
  • Builder Mario Hat, Builder Mario Outfit, and Super Hammer powerup - Complete "Meowser Showdown" job in Story Mode
  • Princess Peach Dress - Finish Princess Peach's first job in Story Mode after completing the castle
  • Princess Peach Wig - Finish Princess Peach's second job in Story Mode
  • Princess Peach Tennis Outfit - Finish Princess Peach's third job after giving Toadette 1000 coins in Story Mode
  • Robot Suit and Robot Head - Completing all jobs as Mario

Over on Mario Maker Subreddit, the community is currently hard at work chronicling every outfit that they come across. Head here for more info, as we’ll be pulling from this list as well once we’ve confirmed each condition.

You'll see a shirt icon next to Jobs that award Outfits | Jake Green/USG

Mario Maker 2 Unlock Outfits - Luigi Outfit, Bowser Costumes

There’s a bunch of other ways to unlock outfits in Super Mario Maker 2. We’ve listed the conditions for each one below.

  • Upload your first course: Fish Bone Shirt
  • Get a like from a course you made: I-Like-You Camisole
  • Get a comment from a course you made: Block Stripe Shirt
  • Have your course get 100 plays: Shy Cap
  • Have your course get 500 plays: Cheep-Cheep Hat
  • Earn 2000 Maker points: Staredown Shirt
  • Earn a lot of feedback on a course you made: Antsy Corduroys
  • Like a course for the first time: Googoo Onesie
  • Post your first comment: Banzai Bill Shirt
  • Clear your first course: White Tanktop
  • Play ten courses: Slobbery Shirt
  • Clear ten courses: Skull Skirt
  • Play one hundred courses: Cat Mario Suit and Cat Mario Headgear
  • Clear one hundred courses: Big Spender Shorts
  • Play five hundred courses: Thwomp Onesie
  • Be the first person to clear a course: Parent-and-Child Skirt
  • Set a first-world record clear time: Pipe Hat
  • Set a first-world record clear time 10 times: Hot Hot Shirt
  • Set ten world records: Pipe Skirt
  • Earn your first bronze medal: ‘?’ Block Hoodie
  • Earn your first gold medal: Koopa Troopa Suit
  • Earn your first bronze medal with spikes: Matrimony Dress
  • Earn your first silver medal with spikes: Fancy Tuxedo and Fancy Top Hat
  • Earn your first gold medal with spikes: Royal Attire and Royal Crown
  • Get a high score of 10 courses in Endless Challenge (Easy): Bowser Jr. Headpiece
  • Get a high score of 100 courses in Endless Challenge (Easy): Stingby Skirt
  • Get a high score of 10 courses in Endless Challenge (Normal): Angry Sun Shirt
  • Get a high score of 100 courses in Endless Challenge (Normal): Faceplant
  • Get a high score of 10 courses in Endless Challenge (Expert): Platform Skirt
  • Get a high score of 100 courses in Endless Challenge (Expert): Cloudless
  • Get a high score of 10 courses in Endless Challenge (Super Expert): Hover Clown
  • Win your first Multiplayer Versus match: Shorts of Doom!
  • Win consecutive Multiplayer Versus matches: Bowser Headpiece and Bowser Suit
  • Win five Multiplayer Versus matches in a row: Fireworks Shirt
  • Get C rank in Multiplayer Versus: Luigi Outfit and Luigi Hat
  • Get B rank in Multiplayer Versus: Doctor Outfit and Doctor Hat
  • Get A rank in Multiplayer Versus: Laughing Shirt
  • Get S rank in Multiplayer Versus: Nintendo Uniform
  • Clea your first course in Multiplayer Co-op: Burner Skirt
  • Clear ten courses in Multiplayer Co-op: Magikoopa Hat and Magikoopa Robes
  • Clear one hundred courses in Multiplayer Co-op: Yoshi Hat and Yoshi Outfit
Change your Maker outfit in the Courseworld section Jake Green/USG

How to Change Your Outfit in Mario Maker 2

To Change your Mii Outfit in Mario Maker 2, you’ll first need to head to Courseworld. Here, you’ll be able to create a Mii character and outfit them with clothing items you’ve unlocked while playing the game.

That’s everything we have so far on Mario Maker 2 Outfits. For more on the game why not head on over to our Mario Maker 2 Keymaster Walkthrough. There’s also our Mario Maker 2 Review to look at as well, mamma mia!

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