Mario Maker 2 Sea of Sorrow Walkthrough - How to Beat the Level and Earn the Frog Cap

Mario Maker 2 Sea of Sorrow Walkthrough - How to Beat the Level and Earn the Frog Cap

There are some seriously devious levels to take on in Mario Maker 2. Here’s one of the hardest, a full walkthrough for Sea of Sorrow.

Mario Maker 2 features a full story mode on top of its flagship creation tools. There are over 100 levels to play through, each with its own difficulty rating out of 4 stars. One of the hardest stages in Mario Maker 2 is Sea of Sorrow. It’s an underwater affair (groan) with ghosts, spikes and falling blocks. To make sure you make it through in one piece, we’ve been busy putting together a Mario Maker 2 Sea of Sorrow Walkthrough. We’ll take a look at which route you should take through the level, so that you can earn the Frog Cap.

Mario Maker 2 Sea of Sorrow Walkthrough

You’ll accept the Sea of Sorrow Job after clearing two Sound Frog levels. It’s an underwater gauntlet filled with enemies, spikes and general death. To help you make it through, check out the steps listed below:

How to Beat Sea of Sorrow in Mario Maker 2

You’ll start off in a room full of ghosts. Ignore them and make your way to the green door here.

In the next room, you’ll be able to get a Goomba Shoe. Grab one and head back through the door. Use the Shoe to defeat all of the Ghost enemies and unlock a key to the red door.

Now, make your way upwards towards the screen shown in the image above. You’ll need to use the spiked block enemies to clear walls that block your path. Make sure you have a Shoe at this point. Hit the On/Off Switch to spawn a shell helmet and swim up into it to wear it. Now, you can make your way through the gauntlet below, and back into the main area.

Head down to the bottom again, and use your helmet to push the spiked block upwards, over the pink platform. Lure it into breaking the blocks ahead, and go through the new path.

You’ll need a helmet and a shoe in this area, so grab them and head down following the arrows. Hit the On/Off Switch while avoiding the flame rods and head up through the path it opens. You’ll now be able to use the helmet to shift the snapper enemy and head through the green door.

In the new area, you need to break the middle enemy block. You can then use your shoe to get above the enemy, using it as a platform to enter the green door.

In this next area, defeat the enemy in the fire car. Get into it, and head downwards, breaking the blocks ahead. You’ll see another On/Off Switch here, so hit it and head through the new path.

Now all you need to do is make it through a ring of Ghosts, and you’ll be out by the exit. Congratulations.

Mario Maker 2 Frog Hat

Once you have completed the Sea of Sorrow level, you’ll get a brand new item of clothing. The frog cap can be equipped onto your Maker in Course World.

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