Mario Maker 2 Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Walkthrough

Mario Maker 2 Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Walkthrough

Here’s how to get past one of the trickiest levels in Mario Maker 2. Read on for our Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Walkthrough.

The levels in Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode can get pretty difficult. Some of the four-star offerings require near perfect timing, while most demand mastery of some pretty advanced techniques. The Secret of the Dry Shell is the 84th stage to take on, and revolves almost entirely around those pesky dry bones shells. To help you get through it, we’ve put together a Mario Maker 2 Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Walkthrough. Well lead you through each section of the stage so you can get the 300 coin reward on offer.

Mario Maker 2 Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Walkthrough

To make it through the Secret of the Dry Bones Shell stage in Mario Maker 2, you’ll need to use every aspect of the dry bones shell to move through the hazards littered throughout. This can be tricky, though if you know what you need to do then you can work on getting the timing right. Let’s get started.

How to Collect all Three Red Coins in Secret of the Dry Bones Shell

The first challenge you’ll face is a locked door where you’ll need to collect three red keys to open it. For the first key, to the left of the stage, jump up to the vine block while in a shell. Use ground pound to knock the vines downwards, and climb down to collect the first coin.

Next, let’s take a look at the Red Coin at the bottom of the screen. Note that if you hit the triggers while in a shell, you’ll be catapulted upwards. To get the next coin, you’ll need to jump down and then launch yourself back up. Take care here as it is easy to fall.

Finally, you will need to get into a shell and hop along to under the platform with the key on it. Get out of it, and go get into another shell. Jump onto the first shell and hold jump to get to the key platform.

Mario Maker Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Saw Blades

The next challenge will involve getting past the saw blade shown in the image below. To get past it, head up to the falling donuts above the blades. You’ll need to use ground pound to trigger them to fall, and to put yourself in the broken shell form where you are invincible. Head down through the blades to grab the key and head through the door ahead.

Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Pow Block

The next room you might have trouble with is the one shown in the image below. First, you’ll need to lure the ghost over until it is above the leftmost saw blade. Then, jump onto the ghost while in a shell to kill it. This will make a path for you to knock a dry shell through, triggering the Pow Block.

Mario Maker 2 Secret of the Dry Bones Shell Final Room

The final room in the Secret of the Dry Bones Shell shouldn’t be too difficult to handle. Just get into a shell and then avoid the falling spike column. Then, jump up to the door by pressing the triggers to fire yourself upwards.

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