Mario Maker 2 Stone of Destiny Walkthrough - How to Get All Four Keys and Clear Level 77

Mario Maker 2 Stone of Destiny Walkthrough - How to Get All Four Keys and Clear Level 77

Stone of Destiny is one of the more puzzle-focused levels in Mario Maker 2. Here’s how to beat it.

Super Mario Maker 2 brings back the creation tools from the last game, though makes an effort to add a bunch of new features across the board. There’s even a full-fledged Story Mode, with over 100 Nintendo designed levels to play through. Some are easier than others, and level 77: The Stone of Destiny, is easily one of the most difficult. To help you make it through the Stone of Destiny level in Mario Maker 2, we’ve put together this Mario Maker 2 Stone of Destiny Walkthrough. We’ll show you how to get all four keys and how to get a stone block to the finish line.

Mario Maker 2 Stone of Destiny Walkthrough

Stone of Destiny is the 77th level in Mario Maker 2, and features four puzzle rooms that you’ll need to clear to get through to the end of the level. You’ll also need to bring the titular stone with you. Let’s get started.

How to Get All Four Keys in Stone of Destiny

There are four keys to collect in Stone of Destiny, and you’ll need all of them to clear the stage. Let’s start off by heading up the nearby green pipe. There are four doors in this room, each leading to a key. Grab the stone and head to the fourth door.

In this room, you’ll see a grabbing claw, several sawblades and a key at the other side of the room. Start by placing the stone to the far left of the platform, to the leftmost part of the claw’s reach. The claw will pick the stone up, and you’ll need to jump onto it as shown below. Ride the stone to the key and then head back.:

Now, head through the third door. In this room you’ll see a spiked block, and some bounce blocks. Trigger the block and then throw your stone onto the bounce pads so that it hits the left side of the block on its way back. This will stop the block above the bounce blocks. Grab the stone and throw it onto the bounce blocks to raise the spiked block upwards, you can then lure it to break the blocks surrounding the key. Collect the key and head back to the main room.

Now onto the second door. This one is easy. Head down to the lower platform and place the stone down. Now, jump onto an enemy and kick its shell to the right. The shell will bounce off of the stone and hit the key. Just one left now.

Head through the final door with the stone. You’ll need to put the stone down, and jump up to the platform above. You’ll need to hit the on/off switch, so as soon as you jump up, use run to get close to it. Timing is important here, though it’s worth noting that your biggest window will be just as you enter the room. Once you’ve hit the switch, throw the stone onto the conveyor belt to block the Bullet Bills. You can now head up to the key to grab it. Return to the main room.

Finally, grab a stone and head back to the starting area. If you’d like to get the 10 Coins, place the stone underneath the enemy. It will jump up and get trapped. Now take the stone and head through all of the doors to the finish line. You will need the stone in order to finish.

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