Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Secrets - Characters, Unlocks, Rebuilding the Castle

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Secrets - Characters, Unlocks, Rebuilding the Castle

A large chunk of the content in Mario Maker 2 involves online functionality. So do you need to get a Nintendo Online Subscription to play Mario Maker 2? Let’s find out.

While the excellent Creator Tools may take front and center in Mario Maker 2, you should also check out the Story Mode. There are over a hundred levels to clear, and two exclusive power ups to unlock. In this Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide, we’ll take a look at the Story Mode Unlocks, how to rebuild the Castle, and which Characters you’ll meet throughout. Let’s get started.

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Unlocks

Let’s start off by taking a look at the unlocks you can get by playing the Mario Maker 2 Story Mode. There are two in total, we’ve detailed them below:

  • Super Hammer - Unlocked after completing work on the Castle.
  • Superball Flower - Complete Spiny Shell Smashers, and Purple Toad will clear the three floating ‘?’ Blocks. The middle one will award the item.

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Characters

The Story Mode in Mario Maker 2 features a huge cast of iconic Mario characters. We’ve listed them all below:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Undodog
  • Partrick
  • Mr. Eraser
  • Red Toad
  • Purple Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Yellow Toad
  • Green Toad
  • Sound Frog
  • Yamamura

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Secrets

While playing through Story Mode, you'll likely notice that a bunch of areas are locked off or hidden. That is because there are a bunch of secrets you can uncover, though doing so can be tricky if you don't know where to look. Check out the list below for info on all of the Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Secrets.

  • Princess Peach Jobs - these are unlocked after completing the Castle. The third becomes available after beating all other Jobs.
  • Builder Mario Statue - After the credits roll, speak to Toadette to start building the Mario Builder Statue.
  • Coursebot - To the far left of the screen there's a buried red lightbulb. This is Coursebot and you'll need to clear the nearby pipe to gain access. Do so by talking to Purple Toad, after which you'll be able to rewatch cutscenes.
  • Mr. Eraser - you can unlock Mr. Eraser by playing through the campaign. He is found to the far right of the screen, and will help you erase the blocks obstructing the warp pipe.
  • Partrick - The warp pipe near Mr. Eraser is home to Partrick. Complete Partrick's Jobs to unlock a secret block next to the red flower nearby.
  • Soundfrog - Activating Partrick's secret block will grow a vine. Climb it to find Soundfrog.
  • Night Mode - place an Angry Sun into a stage and press and hold it to get the Moon option. This will turn day to night.

How to Rebuild the Castle in Mario Maker 2

In Mario Maker 2, you’ll need to rebuild Peach’s Castle after Undodog resets it back to nothing. To do so, you’ll need Coins, and the only way to earn them is to complete the jobs given out by Red Toad. Once you have enough Coins, talk to Toadette, as she’ll allow you to rebuild particular parts of the Castle for a fee. With each part, there will also be a number of greyed out hammer icons alongside it. This indicates how many jobs you’ll need to clear before each part is done.

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