Mario Maker 2 Yamamura Jobs - How to Unlock the Yamamura Shirt

Mario Maker 2 Yamamura Jobs - How to Unlock the Yamamura Shirt

There’s a feisty pigeon named Yamamura in Mario Maker 2. Here’s how to find them.

Mario Maker 2 bolts out of the starting gate with excellent creation tools and a fully-realized Story Mode. The Story Mode features iconic Mario characters though many, including Yamamura, can be tricky to find. In this Mario Maker 2 Yamamura Guide, we’ll take a look at all of the Yamamura Jobs in the game, and how to unlock them. Beating all three Yamamura Jobs will get you the Yamamura Shirt, so let’s take a look at how to get it.

Mario Maker 2 Yamamura Location

You won’t be able to get to Yamamura until you've built the West Hall Cannon. Once you’ve done so, fire it. Yamamura will fly out and settle somewhere down below. You can now start the first Yamamura Job.

Mario Maker 2 Yamamura Jobs

Once you’ve found Yamamura, there are three Jobs to take on. The first is called ‘Airship Flight’. Clear it and Yamamura will move to the next location. You can get to them by heading through the East Hall door, to take on the ‘Coin Collecting’ Job. Finally, you’ll need to unlock Undodog’s house by completing some of their Jobs. After this, interact with the house and Yamamura will appear with the final Job: Summer Shootout.

How to Unlock the Yamamura Shirt

Completing all three of the Jobs detailed above will unlock the Yamamura Shirt. This can be equipped by your Maker. For more info on how to do this, head to our Mario Maker 2 Outfits Guide.

If you're looking for more on Mario Maker 2, be sure to head over to our page on Mario Maker 2 Outfits. Else where there's also walkthroughs for Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones , and Mario Maker 2 Keymaster Stages . If it's the fastest way of farming Coins you're looking for, there's our Mario Maker 2 Coins Guide.

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