Mario Tennis Aces 3.0 Update Gives the Satanic Tennis Racquet an Origin Story

Mario Tennis Aces 3.0 Update Gives the Satanic Tennis Racquet an Origin Story

All hail Lucien. Lucien is life.

Spring is a good time to get outside and play some tennis. Alternatively, you can stay inside and play some Mario Tennis Aces because Nintendo just applied a big update (also, the plants and trees are unashamedly reproducing in the pollen-thick outdoors. Let's give them all a little privacy).

Nintendo of Japan listed the Mario Tennis Aces updates on its official website earlier today (thanks to GoNintendo for the translated summary). The most notable addition is an opening cutscene that chronicles Wario and Waluigi's discovery of Lucien, the Satanic tennis racquet that features in the game's adventure mode. Yeah, "evil tennis racquet." These are the demons they forget to warn you about in your religious education classes.

(Notice Wario and Waluigi are doing excavation work in their tennis uniforms? They're serious about running directly from the dig site to the courts. Gotta spoil everyone's game as quickly as possible!)

Actual gameplay updates include some small tweaks and balances, and the addition of "Ring Shot Mode." Ring Shot lets you rack up points by hitting the ball through a series of rings. You can play alone or compete with a friend. There's also "Yoshi's Ring Shot," which is a higher-stakes version of Ring Shot that offers four times the point payout as vanilla Ring Shot. Its ruleset is also a bit more complicated, since you have to stick to rings that bear the same color as your Yoshi. It's available on June 1.

Finally, Dry Bones is coming on May 1. Tennis is for everyone, and that includes the fleshless. You should be able to access him by entering an online tournament.

Mario Tennis Aces is a decently fun Nintendo sports game. It's also a strong seller, so it's not surprising Nintendo has plans to keep supporting it. If you're thinking of stepping back out onto the Nintendoland court, make sure to take a look at our tips, guides, and hints for Mario Tennis Aces.

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