Mario Will Guide you in the Google Maps App for Mario Day

Google is working with Nintendo to celebrate everyone's favorite plumber.

News by Matt Kim, .

Every year it feels like there's a new day commemorating some kind of staple of pop-culture. There's Star Wars Day on May 4, Mass Effect Day on November 7, and now Mario Day on March 10 (MAR10, get it?). To celebrate, Google Maps will be replacing its navigation arrow with Mario on a kart.

The update, which Google calls Mario Time, is available for both iOS and Android versions of the app starting today. To activate Mario, go to your Google Maps app and choose a destination. Once you know where you're going, hit the yellow "?" box next to the "Start" button and the app will activate Mario Time.

While the same Google assistant voice will navigate your way, a Mario avatar will replace your positional marker, and will spout some of his catchphrases. Apparently there's even an Easter egg where if you tap the "?" box icon 100 times, you'll hear a 1-up sound as if you've collected 100 coins.

Mario Time will be available for a whole week so you can have Mario navigate your commute for a couple days after Mario Day ends. This marks another one of Google Maps' collaboration with pop-culture products like the time it replaced the navigation arrow Ms. Pac-Man as an April Fools' Day prank last year.

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