Report: Marvel Heroes Developer Lays Off Entire Staff Before the Holidays, Will Shut Down Game in Two Days

Ex-Gazillion employees are reporting that they have not received severance.

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Earlier this month video game developer Gazillion announced that Marvel Heroes would be shutting down by the end of the year. However, multiple sources are now reporting that Marvel Heroes will instead shut down in just a couple of days while Gazillion lays off all of its employees.

Disney announced that Marvel Heroes, a Diablo-esque game featuring Marvel characters, was originally set to shut down on December 31. It was surprising considering the game just made the jump from PC to consoles back in June of this year.

Now, reports are circulating that the planned shutdown has been moved forward to November 24 and that Gazillion Entertainment has disbanded. If reports are accurate, employees are without a job or even severance pay right before Thanksgiving.

The news was originally reported by Massively OP who received a tip from a former Gazillion employee about the mass layoffs. Other Gazillion employees have since gone to social media to report that they are unemployed as of today.

Marvel Heroes players on consoles have been reaching out for refunds considering the game they've only had for a couple months is being unceremoniously terminated. So far, reports from users on ResetEra are saying that while Microsoft is issuing refunds, Sony has not.

Comment captured from ResetEra.

Since Marvel Heroes monetizes its game by selling access to DLC hero characters, some players have spent as much as $90 on downloadable content for a game that's only been on consoles for five months.

As far as shutdowns go, this is pretty bad. Surprise closing a studio and laying off employees is bad enough. Doing it before the holidays is Dickensian in the worst possible way.

This is a developing story and we'll have more information as it becomes available.

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