Marvel Japan Mashes Up Avengers Infinity War and Final Fantasy in a New Video

Marvel Japan Mashes Up Avengers Infinity War and Final Fantasy in a New Video

Thanos is the most predictable JRPG boss ever.

Japanese RPGs are (in)famous for "fake out" fights versus towering boss monsters. You probably know what I'm referring to: Those battles against a Big Bad who knocks your heroes down to 1 HP each, all while your warriors try in vain to make a scratch on their ultimate foe's impenetrable hide. The Big Bad takes a moment to gloat while your heroes lie helpless—and it inevitably proves to be a moment too long, as a Deus ex Machina invariably descends from the ceiling to save the day.

Unsurprisingly, JRPGs have a lot in common with drama-heavy comic book plots. That's probably why this "JRPG" footage based off the trailers for Avengers: Infinity War feels so familiar.

The video is a promotional project from Japan's Disney Studio, and whomever put it together clearly spent plenty of darkened hours consuming the best RPGs the 16-bit era had to offer, especially Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI.

We get to see super-deformed sprites of Marvel superheroes go up against a much bigger, much more detailed Thanos, who uses the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to bring two teams of fighters to their knees. Spider-Man can't put a dent in Thanos. Dr Strange, Space Lord, and Natasha quickly fail, too. Hulk can't even Smash! Who will save our heroes, none of whom thought to cast Regen before taking on Marvel's humanized Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid mascot?

That's your cue to get tickets to Avengers: Infinity War, which is out on April 27. Sadly, Disney's clever bit of marketing doesn't point to the existence of an actual retro Avengers RPG. Did you at least catch all the specific Final Fantasy references? Besides the "Oh no, you can't possibly win!" fake-out that happens throughout the video, you can also spot:

  • A classic use of Mode-7 mapping (0:30)
  • The Final Fantasy IV cave tileset (0:32)
  • The characters "bouncing" into battle like Final Fantasy VI's fighters (0:54)
  • That classic blue Final Fantasy menu (various places in the video)

Hey, Disney … Marvel … whoever … can you make this the tie-in game for Avengers: Infinity War instead of the free-to-play mobile match-three game we're probably getting? That'd be great.

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