Marvel Announces Marvel Powers United, a New Oculus VR Avengers Game

Play as the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Rocket Racoon, and more!

News by Matt Kim, .

Marvel appeared at Disney's D23 festival to announce a new Avengers VR game titled, Marvel Powers United.

The new VR game will let players control various Avengers and Marvel characters in first-person, utilizing their powers to blast, or smash enemies. The revealed characters so far are Captain Marvel, Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hulk. Marvel promises more characters will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel Powers United aims to put players directly in the shoes of the individual Marvel superheroes. That means the powers you wield will be specific to each character, but so will other details like height. If you're a towering giant like the Hulk, your vantage point will be different from Rocket's, who is much shorter than the other Marvel heroes.

The new Marvel Powers United VR game is coming out for the Oculus, with touch controls.

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  • Avatar for BlandyMayne #1 BlandyMayne A month ago
    Man, I wish games like that were easily available on PC. VR games are the future, so the main development and innovation platform like PC is needed in the fold, even though the best experiences will always be on consoles.
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