Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC - Marvel Knights Release Date, Fantastic 4, X-Men

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC - Marvel Knights Release Date, Fantastic 4, X-Men

There’s a ton of DLC on the way for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Here’s what you need to know.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 manages to cram 36 heroes into the base experience, giving you plenty to play around with as you complete each chapter. And while this is indeed a jam-packed roster of both iconic and obscure comic book heroes, there are even more characters on the way as part of DLC. To help you keep track of each Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Pack, we’ve put together this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Guide. We’ll breakdown each of the three packs that are on their way to the game, and give you an idea as to when you’ll be able to play as the new characters.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC

On top of the base game presented in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, there are three DLC packs on their way over the next year or so. We’ve listed them all below, and will go into further detail for each later in this article.

  • Marvel Knights
  • Fantastic Four
  • X-Men

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Cyclops and Colossus Update

Cyclops and Colossus feature heavily in the Xavier Institute chapter of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, so it’s no surprise that they are being added in as playable characters. The two X-Men will be added August 30, and will be available free of charge for all players.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Marvel Knights DLC

The first DLC pack to arrive will add four new Marvel Knights characters to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The new characters are Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher and Morbius. These new characters will be fully playable, and will arrive in Fall 2019 alongside additional story content and modes.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men DLC

The X-Men are a big part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and you’ll even visit Xavier Institute as part of the story. It seems that there will be even more X-Men content coming to the game. The X-Men DLC pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will arrive in 2019, with no specific release dates announced thus far. We also don’t know exactly which characters will feature, though we’re betting The Juggernaut and Mystique will be involved somehow.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Fantastic Four DLC

The third and final DLC pack that we know about for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the Fantastic Four DLC. Given that each pack has been said to contain four characters a piece, it’s fair to assume that the Fantastic Four DLC will feature Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and The Thing. It will launch sometime in 2020.

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