Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Change the Camera and Lock Onto Enemies

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Change the Camera and Lock Onto Enemies

You may find the default settings in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 a bit tricky. Here’s how to change the camera so that you can lock on.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 pits you against huge groups of dangerous enemies, often in smaller areas. The camera can be a bit tricky in these moments, and you might find that some of your attacks are not landing where you’d like them to. To help you out, we’ve put together this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Lock On Guide. We’ll show you how to change the camera, and enable locking onto enemies.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Lock On

Some scenarios in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, like boss fights for instance, will be much easier if you head into the settings to enable lock on. This can be done by switching the camera mode to ‘Heroic Mode’. Now, you can press the right stick to lock onto enemies.

What’s the Difference Between Classic and Heroic Camera Modes?

There are two options for you to consider while playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Heroic Mode and Classic Mode. The two offer pretty different viewpoints, with Heroic offering more of an over the shoulder view, focusing on the hero you are controlling. Classic brings the camera to a more overhead view, so that it’s easier to see all four heroes in your team. Heroic gives you the option to lock on, so is the preferred mode for boss fights and Infinity Trials.

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