Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ISO-8: Upgrading, Equipping and Earning ISO-8

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ISO-8: Upgrading, Equipping and Earning ISO-8

If you want to take down the hardest enemies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll need ISO-8. Here’s what you need to know.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 features a huge range of superheroes and villains for you to battle, team up with and play around with. Each playable character has their own set of abilities and upgrades that can be applied. There’s also ISO-8 to consider, crystals of elemental energy which can be equipped to add stat buffs to your team. In this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ISO-8 guide, we’ll explain everything there is to know about ISO-8, and also give you some tips on using and upgrading it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ISO-8 Explained

ISO-8 is dropped by defeated enemies, with a chance applied to each drop for different rarities of ISO-8 Crystal. You can apply a certain amount depending on the ISO-8 slots a hero has, this is relative to level. Each ISO-8 Crystal has a certain stat buff applied to it, and it’s also possible that some buffs will also incur a negative effect for balance. Let’s take a look how to earn more ISO-8.

How to Earn ISO-8 Crystals

So now you know what ISO-8 does, how do you get it? Well, enemies have a chance to drop ISO-8 once they are defeated. It’s possible to equip certain ISO-8 crystals that will increase the rarity of what they’re dropping. You can also get them from crates found around the world.

Upgrading ISO-8 Crystals in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

During the Xavier Institute mission in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll learn how to upgrade ISO-8. At any Shield Point in the game, head into the Lab. From here you can modify any crystal by selecting it and pressing A. This will allow you to use ISO-8 components you’ve collected to upgrade it. Collect components by defeating enemies, or by using a method we’ll outline next.

Deconstruct ISO-8 to Earn Components

If you need to get more IS-8 components for upgrading, head to the Lab, select a crystal you aren’t using and press R. This will then show you how much of each Component you will get. Only deconstruct crystals you don’t need.

Preserve Crystals You Want to Keep

If you want to keep a crystal, or simply mark it so you don’t accidentally deconstruct it, you’ll want to preserve it. To do so, select a crystal, and then press L, this will add a lock symbol to it, meaning it cannot be deconstructed unless it is removed.

How to Equip ISO-8 in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Finally, once you have the crystals you want to apply to a hero, head into the Team menu. Now, select the hero you want, and press Y. This will allow you to add ISO-8 into the correct slots. To unlock more slots, level up each character.

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