Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Marvel Heroes Who Could be DLC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Marvel Heroes Who Could be DLC

There's some strong candidates that could be added to this roster.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is almost here and one of the best things about the previous games was seeing who was going to appear in the final roster. Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel featured around 30 characters, depending on which version you played. This time, there's only one platform-Nintendo Switch-and a full roster of 36 heroes to pick from.

What if your favorite is missing from the roster? Well, Nintendo has already announced the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass, which will offer a total of three DLC packs. The official site says these packs will include characters from "popular franchises like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Marvel Knights." But which characters are likely inclusions?

Well, we've played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and there are a few characters we can tell you about that look like they're primed for playable status. Many of these characters appear over the course of the campaign we've played, or have appeared elsewhere in Nintendo's promotional materials.

Heroes Who Appear In-Game

She's staying back, watching her third season. | Mike Williams/USG, Nintendo

The Defenders: Jessica Jones

The hero turned private detective actually appears in the game's third chapter, alongside the rest of the Defenders. While Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Elektra are playable, Jessica Jones has decided to sit it out on the sidelines. But she's got a whole model and voice actor right there! It'd be a shame not to use it.

Vision, trying to stay alive out here. | Mike Williams/USG, Nintendo

The Avengers: Ant-Man and Vision

Ant-Man, who seems heavily-based on the Scott Lang Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the hero, appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's fourth chapter. Lang is mostly background color during the level, and while I'm not sure what'd he'd bring to the table over Janet Van Dyne, Ant-Man deserves the love. Vision also appears in Avengers Tower. Like Ant-Man, he stays behind to keep an eye on things, rather than joining the alliance. Vision appears in a few cutscenes, has a decent amount of dialog, and has cool powers like optic beams, flight, and phasing. He'd make a pretty cool character overall!

There's my leader! | Mike Williams/USG, Nintendo

X-Men: Cyclops, Colossus, and Beast

Cyclops, Colossus, and Beast factor heavily into the game's fifth chapter, which takes place at the Xavier Mansion. Cyclops and Colossus seem like definite choices for inclusion, because you actually fight alongside them in a boss battle. That says "mostly done" to me, and I need those magical optic blasts in-game. Beast ends up more like Vision, an advisor who joins the alliance but remains unplayable. The bouncing Hank McCoy should be right in the roster next to Nightcrawler in my opinion, even if he has the Ant-Man problem: he's a less interesting version of an existing hero.

Better than the TV show at least. | Mike Williams/USG, Nintendo

The Inhumans: Black Bolt, Medusa, and Gorgon

While there are team bonuses for most of Marvel's own groups, the Inhumans lack one. That's probably because the only playable Inhumans are Crystal and Ms. Marvel. The seventh chapter of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 sends you Attilan, the home city of the Inhuman race, where you interact with Black Bolt, Medusa, and Gorgon. All three should be a part of the playable cast, though I think Black Bolt is the one I'd want the most. I feel like they're going to be pushed to the wayside by the Fantastic Four though...

You can't stop Bucky. | Nintendo

Winter Soldier

The reformed assassin Bucky Barnes has ties to Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow. He currently fights on with his metal arm as the Winter Soldier. The character made a brief appearance in a Japanese trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, so he's in the game in some capacity. Free the Winter Soldier!

Heroes Who Are Likely Candidates

The First Family is coming back! | Marvel Entertainment

The Fantastic Four

Marvel's First Family was mentioned in the Expansion Pass description, so we can expect one or more of them as playable characters. The Human Torch and the Thing feel like easy additions, but Ms. Marvel has many of the attacks you'd attribute to Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman is very powerful. Honestly, the whole family should be along for the ride, given that they've been out of Marvel Games for some time now.

Ahead of his movie, Shang-Chi should get a spot in this alliance. | Marvel Entertainment


Currently, the alternate costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are recolors of the existing character, as opposed to the more extensive changes available in previous games. The DLC might change that though, and one Marvel Knight who would map readily onto an existing character is Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu. He would work very well as an alternate version of Iron Fist. Hope Team Ninja agrees!

Frank Castle is low-power, but still iconic. | Marvel Entertainment

The Punisher

This is the only major Marvel Knights character who doesn't make an appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's campaign. Yes, the search for the Infinity Stones is probably a bit above Frank Castle's mode of operation, but when you say "Marvel Knights," I have expectations.

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