Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Venom Boss Fight

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Venom Boss Fight

Venom is one of the first bosses you’ll face in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Here’s how to beat them.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 whisks its players off to a good mix of Marvel locations. One of the first you’ll visit is The Raft, the high-security prison home to a bunch of iconic Spider-Man villains. You’ll face off against weapon-X prisoners here, as well as an assortment of bosses. One of the hardest comes around mid-way in the level, and it’s the alien symbiote known as Venom. To help you make it through the fight alive, we’ve put together this Marvel Alliance Ultimate 3 Venom Boss Guide. We’ll take a look at how to beat them, and how to unlock Venom as a playable character.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Venom Boss Fight

Venom is pretty difficult to take down in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, especially seeing as they have Electro as their own personal bodyguard. Here’s how to take them down.

  • The fight against Electro is pretty simple, just avoid the AoE attacks.
  • Dodge roll with L and the left stick to get closer to Electro without being shocked.
  • Once Electro has been defeated, he will charge and electrify Venom, ready for the next phase of the fight.

How to Electrify the Cables and Power the Sonar to Defeat Venom

Once Venom has been electrified, you will not be able to attack them. Instead, you need to restore power to the two sonar consoles at the top of the room. To do so, keep avoiding Venom until they jump up high. A yellow circle will appear near you, so move over to one of the exposed wires in the room. When they jump down, dodge out of the way and they will electrify the circuit, switching the sonar panel on. Repeat for the other cable, and you can defeat them.

Make sure you make Venom land onto the exposed wiring

How to Unlock Venom as a Playable Character

If you beat the Venom boss fight, you’ll be treated to a pretty cool cutscene. In it, Venom joins the Alliance, unlocking them as a playable character. Head to the Team Menu to add them to your group.

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