Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 XP Cubes: How to Level Up Fast

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 XP Cubes: How to Level Up Fast

You’ll need to level up your heroes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Here’s how to do it quickly.

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll constantly be swapping out heroes for your team. What you’ll need to do to keep moving forward, is use XP to level up your heroes so that they can take on the opposition. This will give you access to new abilities, and keep your team up to the challenge of saving the world. To help you level up your team in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 we’ve put together this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Levelling Guide. We’ll explain what XP Cubes are and how to get them. We’ll also give you some general tips to keep in mind while playing the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Fastest Way to Earn XP and Level Up

If you want to keep up with the enemies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll need to earn XP and level up each of the heroes in your team. The fastest way to do so is to use XP Cubes. These are found throughout each level, we’ll go into more detail on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 XP Cubes in the next section. Other than finding XP Cubes, you should make sure you swap out heroes regularly to spread the XP you earn across your favorites.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 XP Cubes Explained

XP Cubes can be used to instantly add XP to heroes in your team. To use them, head to the main menu and select Team. From this screen, select a hero with A, and then press Y to use XP cubes. There are five different types, each adding a different amount of XP to the hero, depending on the one you're playing as.

  • Small XP Cube
  • Solid XP Cube
  • Enhanced XP Cube
  • Cosmic XP Cube
  • Ultimate XP Cube

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 XP Cubes Locations

XP Cubes can be found in each level of the game. They are seen as sparkling crates, and are usually easy to spot, and can be found pretty regularly. Just beat up the crates and an XP Cube will drop. You can see an example of an XP Cube Crate below:

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