Marvel's Avengers: Best Characters

Marvel's Avengers: Best Characters

We show you which of the available heroes is the best one to play as, and how powerful they are.

Those who play Marvel's Avengers should prepare for all manner of challenges, whether the soldiers of AIM or any number of classic supervillains. To help you get ready, we've outlined the best characters here, as well as what role each one is best suited to play on the battlefield.

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Best Characters in Marvel's Avengers

We'd say that the Hulk is the best character in Marvel's Avengers, though clearly different characters are suited to different playstyles and everybody will have their own favorites. We'll outline their respective strengths below and the best way to play each one.

All Characters Ranked

From what we've played so far, we've listed the six starting characters from best to worst, ranking them below. We'll be sure to update this according to new information or patches, but for now this is our best appraisal of the Avenger's lineup.

  1. Hulk
  2. Miss Marvel
  3. Thor
  4. Iron Man
  5. Captain America
  6. Black Widow

How to Play as Hulk

We consider Hulk to be the best because he has pretty strong options for both offense and maneuverability, and excellent defense. Players who pick the Hulk should act mainly in the role of tank, charging into the middle of the fray and using the Rage ability to draw aggro from nearby enemies, not to mention incapacitating smaller enemies simply by grabbing them. You should also use Thunderclap to clear opponents in a wide area if they seem to be overwhelming your teammates, and Hulk's ability to jump across the battlefield should enable you to appear anywhere at a moment's notice. Of course, these powers all end up working pretty well in a solo capacity too, as Hulk's durability and power to clear the battlefield rapidly all work in any context. Of course, the downside is ranged options - Hulk can throw either chunks of rock or small enemies, but neither does huge damage and the slow movement of projectiles can make it hard to hit fast targets.


How to Play as Miss Marvel

Kamala Khan is the newest member of the team, but she also proves to be one of the most powerful, with her size-changing powers allowing her a range of options. Miss Marvel functions well as an all-rounder, using her stretchy arms to get around and take out small groups of enemies with every swing. When you play her, don't bother using the elongated punches much, as they're pretty clumsy - most of the time it's easier just to swing over to the opponent and grind them into the floor. In fact, the whole key to Miss Marvel is learning how to get around with ease, never letting yourself stay in one place and appearing wherever you're needed.

How to Play as Thor

Thor plays at the midpoint between Iron Man and Captain America, keeping the maneuverability of the former and the ranged options of the latter. The God of Thunder has a notable focus on AOE attacks, able to generate a lot of lighting, and slinging Mjolnir around allows him to take out distant opponents, though this isn't the fastest ranged weapon and takes some getting used to. His flight also gives him more battle control - those that play Thor should be in the middle of the conflict, taking out enemies en masse and feeling free to take to the skies if they need a moment to recuperate or reposition.

How to Play as Iron Man

Iron Man functions best as a mobile turret, flying about the battlefield while picking off opponents both from a distance and close up. Iron Man does best when fighting large amounts of weak enemies, using his ranged weapons to shoot foes down, then dropping into the fray and using quick attacks just long enough to recharge his weapons and launching back into the air where he's safer. Whereas Hulk and Miss Marvel do their best work in the middle of the fray, Iron Man should be thinning opponents from the outside in, using hit-and-run tactics and making the most of the flight ability.

Iron Man is best as a fast-flying striker who can leap in-and-out of danger. | Square Enix

How to Play as Captain America

The first Avenger is a brawler by nature with an emphasis on defense, though ends up as one of the weaker heroes as a result. The trouble is that shield-throwing is effective, but it's slow and leaves you vulnerable while you do it. But without that power, Cap's ability to fight enemies at range is zero. Which isn't to say he doesn't have his uses - those who choose Steve should fight in a supportive role, making the most of their defence to play a kind of jack-of-all trades technique where you can do whatever's needed of you. He's especially good as restoring and reviving other players, as his charge power and protective capabilities allow him to get around pretty safely, even though he's not especially maneuverable.

How to Play as Black Widow

Black Widow sadly feels like the weakest of the heroes to us, but that doesn't mean she's entirely valueless. As far as we could work out, Natasha's biggest strength is her ability to fight one-on-one, as she's more agile and has a lot of options for countering opponents, not to mention her grapple allows her to make it to a foe in a quick instant. Black Widow is best for either fighting bosses, or moving around the battlefield to pick off stragglers and snipers. Things get trickier when she's in a group and overwhelmed, though her Ultimate does give her some leeway in this respect.

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