Marvel's Avengers: Hero Unavailable Glitch Explained

Marvel's Avengers: Hero Unavailable Glitch Explained

If you're unable to pick certain heroes, like Iron Man or Black Widow, we'll show you how to stop them from being unavailable.

Those who've been playing Marvel's Avengers, you may have encountered a strange glitch wherein certain characters can't be selected for no obvious reason. In our guide below we'll explain the "Hero Unavailable" glitch and explain what you can do to fix it.

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Hero Unavailable Glitch Explained in Marvel's Avengers

If you're getting the hero unavailable glitch in Marvel's Avengers, that's not a problem with your progress or how you're playing the game. As far as we can tell, this is some sort of error wherein the game wherein the servers at Square Enix don't always remember what heroes you have or haven't unlocked, consequently cutting off access to them.

Hero Unavailable Glitch Fix

If you've been able to select certain heroes through the main menu, we suggest you turn off the game and try to restart it, in order to establish connection with the Square Enix servers and retry for a correct status of your progress. If it doesn't work, the best thing you can do is keep trying over and over. We'll be sure to update this guide if we get more details on the what to do to fix it, or if there's any new information on the glitch itself altogether.

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