Mass Effect Andromeda Trailers Show Off Your Pathfinder Squad

New aliens! New versions of old aliens! What more could you want from Mass Effect?

For a game that's coming out on March 21, Bioware has been real quiet on some of the details of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it looks like the radio silence is ending. In a series of new trailers, Mass Effect Andromeda is finally giving us a deeper glimpse in the game's characters. The Pathfinder are the folks that go out ahead of the rest of the Andromeda Initiative, exploring new worlds to find a home for their people.

The primary leader of the Andromeda Initiative and commander of Ark Hyperion is Alec Ryder, who also happens to be the father of the Ryder twins. Alec holds an N7 ranking, making him one of the Alliance's best soldiers, like Mass Effect Trilogy hero Commander Shepard.

The real focus is on Scott and Sarah Ryder, the twin protagonists of the game. You pick one of the children as your primary character and they're you're entry into Mass Effect: Andromeda's world. They're fresh recruits, so you can build them as you please!

Liam Kosta is the crisis response specialist and security officer. Dude looks like Kaidan/Jacob 2.0, fitting the role of the most boring character on your squad. Luckily, he has cooler hair than either of his predecessors.

If Liam is Kaiden/Jacob, then Cora Harper fills the Ashley/Miranda spot as the primary human woman. She's the team's human Biotic and likely a romantic option given the cinematic trailer. Cora is also the narrator of the second trailer detailing the Pathfinder Team.

Your alien members include the Krogan Drack, Asari commando Peebee, female Turian Vetra, and Kallo Jath, the Salarian pilot of the Pathfinder Team ship Tempest. The cinematic trailer also shows off two new alien races. The first is a friendly one, meeting with the Pathfinder Team, while the second is the warlike alien race led by Kett Archon, the game's antagonist.

Hopefully, Bioware keeps up the pace and gives us more details heading up to launch. Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 21, 2017.

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