Mass Effect Andromeda's Animations Will Be Fixed, But Not At Launch

Bioware is aware of the issue, but won't be able to apply fixes with a day one patch.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is currently under fire for an underwhelming opening and a host of animation bugs that have appeared in review copies. It's not the best showing for the game, which is intended to be Bioware's next flagship title. Despite that, Mass Effect fans are hoping Andromeda's animation issues can be fixed post-launch.

In a tweet reply to one fan, Bioware lead designer Ian Frazier said that a fix for the animations was coming, but it wouldn't be a day one patch. There is a day one patch for the game though, one that's being included with the current Early Access build on Xbox One and PC.

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Thanks to the game's staggered embargo, the animation issues and poor opening are all that people are talking about as the game heads towards launch. Bioware is probably not happy with that outcome. Mass Effect Andromeda is coming PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 21. The first 10 hours of the game are already available to EA Access members.

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  • Avatar for internisus #1 internisus A year ago
    The tweet does not at all say that the animations will be fixed. It just says that further patches will occur and that what they will do is currently undetermined.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #2 cldmstrsn A year ago
    excellent I'll wait a couple years just like the rest of them. I dont think I even played the first one till like 2011.
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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #3 mattcom26 A year ago
    @internisus I noticed this as well. It's vague.
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  • Avatar for matthewcooley77 #4 matthewcooley77 A year ago
    @internisus yeah, that was definitely not a promise to fix the animations. There are two different issues as well: bugs, and stilted, dated facial animation. I imagine they do plan to fix the former, I have not idea how they could possibly patch in a fix for the later any time soon, if ever.
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  • Avatar for dimasok #5 dimasok A year ago
    Why do the animations suck so much? Are they that fucking incompetent?
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  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar #6 admiralsnackbar A year ago
    @dimasok Running theory is they made a model rig for mocap and didn't make one for hand animations, so they're using a skeleton meant for one purpose for all animations. They also didn't do Facial Capture like they did in the other games, probably due to expense.

    But honestly, who knows.
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  • Avatar for Spectreman #7 Spectreman A year ago
    I guess there was too much diversity in the game to handle well.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #8 donkeyintheforest A year ago
    So, it looks like a lot of us will prob be waiting for the game of the year edition haha
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #9 Ohoni A year ago
    There really is no excuse for the poor quality of the character creator. There are small team indy games with far better character creation options. And why does all the hair look like it's crafted out of solid plastic? Absolutely zero excuse.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #10 NiceGuyNeon A year ago
    Iiiiiiiiiiiii didn't see any sort of promise there aside from "we'll have patches."

    It might be a good game. But let's be real, people are not starved for choice in 2017. There are major releases all polished up and killing it right now to have these issues all highlighted. Maybe in a slower year there'd have been less of an uproar.
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  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo #11 adamacuoadamacuo A year ago
    There is nothing in that tweet that indicates that they'll be fixed. He says that future patches and what will be in them are still in discussion, are you reading a little too much into that tweet. It's not even clear whether the animations can be fixed at this point. The game is a steaming hunk of mess especially compared to Horizon, More, Zelda, Nioh and Persona 5. #sad The Bioware ship has sailed.
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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior #12 KaiserWarrior A year ago
    "Yes, we're aware that the game has massive problems with the animation system. Yes, we released it in that state anyway. No, we don't plan to fix it right away, even with the obligatory literal-last-minute bugfix patch on day one."

    This is Video Games in the year 2017. They're released broken, and the companies don't even care enough to bother with putting together a convincing lie to cover for it. They just outright say "Yep, it's broken and we don't care. Buy it like a good little consumer".

    This is where Preorder Culture and DLC have brought us.
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #13 Nuclear-Vomit A year ago
    I would like the option to keep the awesome animations.
    Please don't take them away. I like the duckwalk/ gotta take a shit walking one.
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  • Avatar for Zenbojay #14 Zenbojay A year ago
    I'm going to pass on this title until they get their shit together, being EA..... it'll take awhile.
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  • Avatar for albinamuro2 #15 albinamuro2 Yesterday
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