Mega Man X is Back!...On Mobile

Mega Man X is Back!...On Mobile

No, it's not Mega Man X9 (yet), but at least you get to play as Cinnamon.

The Mega Man X/Rockman X series has been entrenched in a long dry spell for well over a decade. Mega Man X8 came out in 2004, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X came out in 2006, and Capcom hasn't had much to do with Mega Man's "older brother" since then outside of the recent Mega Man X Collection. Well, the drought is coming to an end, sort of. A new Mega Man X game from Capcom Taiwan is on the way for mobile.

Protodude's Rockman Corner broke the news about Rockman X Dive earlier this morning. It's a side-scrolling action-RPG for iOS and Android that brings together X characters old and new. A "virus" causes stages and characters from the X series to mix together, making it possible for you to do crazy things like play as Cinnamon from Mega Man X: Command Mission on a level plucked from Mega Man X4.

Rockman X Dive has been in development for a year and a half, and it runs off modified Maverick Hunter X engine. The game's official page is written in Chinese, but the word "Free" appears on it, indicating the game is likely free-to-play. No word yet on whether it'll be monetized via microtransactions and/or Gatcha elements.

Protodude's Rockman Corner has been hinting about the existence of Rockman X Dive for a few months now. The site's proprietor, Brian, says a global version of the game is in the works, but nothing official's been announced yet.

Upset about getting Rockman X Dive in lieu of the long (long) awaited Mega Man X9? Don't be. "The intent of this game is to leverage MMX in regions that Capcom views as 'untapped' for mobile profits," Brian writes on Twitter. "X9 will come in due time for wholely [sic] different reasons."

No word yet on whether Rockman X Dive lets you play through the original Mega Man X as Sigma's dog, but let me tell you something: It should.

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