Mega Man’s New Mobile Game is a Partnership with a Pop Band

Mega Man’s New Mobile Game is a Partnership with a Pop Band

The short, free game serves as a playable music video for a song by Team Shachi.

Mega Man 2 had some of the catchiest songs on the NES, and Japanese pop band Team Shachi knows it. The band's newest single "Rocket Queen" samples Dr. Wily's classic theme tune, and for the single's release the band partnered with Capcom to make a music video that's also playable as a short autoscrolling Mega Man 2-inspired game on mobile phone browsers.

Set to the band's single, the "Rocket Queen" game (playable in mobile browsers only) features the four members of Team Shachi as playable characters with different takes on classic Mega Man power ups. It's not a cakewalk (I keep dying about 30 seconds into the song) and to progress far you'll need to keep switching between the band members and their abilities: Nao has the Mega Buster, Yuzuki can break blocks with the Hard Knuckle, Haruna has a Chicken Wing Shield styled after the Leaf Shield, and Honoka can summon floating Rush-like Shachi drones.

If you're unable to play the game or just can't progress very far, the music video is a full playthrough of the game bookended with some funny story screens. Here, Mega Man has grown old and goes through life with an E Tank hooked up to him on an I.V. stand. Resurrected as an AI, Dr. Wily attacks Mega Man and unleashes the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 on the world, which spurs Team Shachi into action. The Robot Masters have all gotten old just like Mega Man, and each gets a small profile on the game's website. Heatman's fate is the bleakest of all: "went through a lot, and now he can't go anywhere without his bottle of booze."

It's worth checking out the music video or giving the game a spin on your smartphone just to appreciate the attention to detail in the story screen pixel art and the in-game sprite work. Oh yeah, and the track's featured artist MCU shows up for a rap breakdown delivered by a hologram AI version of Dr. Light. It's really something.

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