Almost Five Years Later, Metal Gear Solid 5's Nuclear Disarmament Has Finally Been Achieved on PS3

Almost Five Years Later, Metal Gear Solid 5's Nuclear Disarmament Has Finally Been Achieved on PS3

And it's on the PS3, of all platforms.

Metal Gear Solid 5 released back in September 2015, and it didn't take long for players to figure out that there was a special scene hidden behind the Nuclear Disarmament challenge in the game's online portion. Now, almost five years later, that scene has finally been achieved on the PS3.

The Nuclear Disarmament challenge tasks players on one platform to get rid of all player-controlled nuclear weapons. Every player has a Forward Operating Base in the online portion of Metal Gear Solid 5, where they can construct (or disarm) nuclear weapons.

Players can invade one another's FOBs, and steal weapons, tanks, soldiers, and more. The goal of the Nuclear Disarmament event was to get the total nuke count on a single platform down to zero, which Metal Gear Solid 5 players on the PS3 have now achieved. You can see the cutscene that plays for the event just below.

This cutscene is now unlocked for all players on the PS3. Whereas PS3 players managed to hit zero nukes on their platform, it's not such good news for PS4 players, where the nuke count is hovering around 2,500 at the time of writing, per MGSVNukeWatcher.

Although the nuke counter on PS3 has risen to 43, all it had to do was hit zero once. | MGSVNukeCounter

Note that this scene was previously available online, thanks to dataminers going through the files of Metal Gear Solid 5 and pulling the scene itself, shortly after the game launched in 2015. Then in early 2018, the scene accidentally triggered on all platforms due to a glitch in the game, which Konami apologized for, and confirmed was an error.

It's crazy to think that Metal Gear Solid 5 players on a platform have actually achieved this (let alone that the game even runs on a PS3). PS4 and Steam players though, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

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