Metal Gear Voice Actor Teases "Secret Project"

Metal Gear Voice Actor Teases "Secret Project"

Donna Burke says something's "coming soon."

Voice actor Donna Burke shared a video last week from her personal Twitter account of what looks to be her at a recording booth. This is par for the course considering her occupation, but she tweeted the clip with the phrases "Kept you waiting huh?", which obviously means it's time for some Metal Gear rumors.

Burke is a Japan-based singer and voice actor who has worked on some big titles like Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 5. She's also the singer on several singles composed for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, including my personal favorite, "Heavens Divide" for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

We don't know what Burke is teasing, but with the "#ComingSoon" hashtag we'll hopefully find out soon. Though expectations should be tempered considering Konami's ongoing treatment of its video game library.

Speculation is ranging from the usual suspects like a remaster, to a re-release of Metal Gear music. Konami has been releasing classic soundtracks on vinyl through Mondo, including Silent Hill 2 and Castlevania. So, a vinyl record for the Metal Gear soundtrack isn't improbable, and frankly I'd love to have some of Burke's tracks on record.

Obviously though, a new game would be great, even if the last one, Metal Gear Survive, was kind of a mess. Barring that, fans are still holding onto hope for a Bluepoint remake of Metal Gear Solid, like the studio did for Shadow of the Colossus. Anything but more pachinko projects, really.

Who knows when we'll see the news about what Burke was teasing. E3 is coming up, so that's not a bad stage for video game announcements, but we'll have to see.

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