Metro Exodus Has a Collector's Edition So Rare That Not Even Metro's Author Gets One

You can't even buy one of these things.

Metro Exodus finishes the post-apocalyptic Metro video game trilogy. To celebrate, 4A games is releasing a new, super limited collector's edition that can only be won directly from 4A.

Only 10 of the Metro Exodus "Artyom Custom Edition" were produced and it's so nice 4A is apparently keeping one for itself. The other nine can be won by fans, but it probably won't be easy. Not even Metro author Dmitry Glukovsky gets to have one apparently.

In a YouTube video published today by 4A, Glukovsky hosts a scripted Artyom Edition unboxing. Inside the military style metal crate is a gas mask and filter (very important for surviving the toxic air in post-apocalyptic Moscow), custom dog tag, a map of the Russian subway system wrapped in a leather cover, and Artyom's bullet lighter.

Glukovsky saves the best for last when he unveils the "Nixie" watch complete with bombproof case. The Nixie watch is fully functioning and displays both the time and features a built-in flashlight, just like in the game. There's also a letter of authenticity signed by Glukovsky and 4A owner Andrew Prokhorov.

Metro Exodus Artyom Edition | Deepsilver

4A didn't reveal the rules for the contest yet but encourages fans to keep an eye out on the official Metro Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page in the coming weeks. They can also register on the official website.

Metro Exodus is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15. That's a week earlier than previously announced after Metro Exodus hit gold in December. For more, check out our Metro Exodus guide for news, trailers, and release info.

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