Steam is on Metro Exodus Even if Metro Exodus Isn't on Steam

Steam is on Metro Exodus Even if Metro Exodus Isn't on Steam

A cover-up job.

4A Games had previously announced that anyone who ordered a physical PC edition of Metro Exodus will now be getting Epic Games Store keys instead of Steam keys. But the case manufacturers didn't seem to get the message in time, and the Steam logo on the back of the box was quickly patched up with a sticker of the Epic Games logo.

Several customers who recently received their copies of the Metro Exodus collector's edition posted photos of their shiny new steelbook game case. Everything looks pretty par for the course, except when it comes to the system requirements section on the back of the plastic slipcase.

As you can see from the photos, the Epic Games logo and system requirements info is just a sticker covering up an older version with the Steam logo. Presumably the slipcases were printed before the deal between Deep Silver and Epic Games was struck. Hence the quick revision.

The keys inside are for the Epic Games Store, just as Metro's Twitter account said when the Epic Games Store announcement was made. But this does seem to indicate that the deal with Epic was made rather close to launch. Close enough that physical editions of Metro Exodus were already printing.

In January, publisher Deep Silver and Metro developer 4A Games abruptly announced that Metro Exodus would become a timed-exclusive for the Epic Games Store on PC. While digital Steam pre-orders would be honored, physical PC editions will now ship with an Epic Games Store key. Some PC Metro players weren't too pleased with the news.

While the stickers don't harm the game, or even ruin the physical edition (the steelbook case itself has no stickers), it's a reminder of what could've been had Metro been available on other digital retailers.

Read our Metro Exodus review for our impressions of the latest Soviet apocalypse, or check out our Metro Exodus guide for our full coverage.

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