Metroid: Samus Returns is Way More Expensive if You Want to Play Everything

Metroid: Samus Returns is Way More Expensive if You Want to Play Everything

Nintendo's amiibo strategy is starting to get in the way of gaming.

Despite the triumphant return of Samus at this year's E3, Nintendo will be making her homecoming a little more difficult than seemingly necessary. According to multiple reports, additional content for the 3DS game, Metroid: Samus Returns, will be locked behind amiibo. If you want the full Samus Returns experience, you'll have to buy some of Nintendo's add-on toys.

Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo

To celebrate the release of the 3DS remake of Metroid 2, Nintendo is releasing two new Metroid amiibo figures, a crouching Samus and Metroid one. The two new figures join the Samus and Zero Suit Samus amiibo released for Super Smash Bros.

The two new amiibo were first shown off on the Nintendo Facebook page with descriptions that says the amiibo will unlock additional content. The additional content includes an exclusive Metroid 2 art gallery, which can be unlocked by the new Samus figure, while the Metroid amiibo unlocks the "Fusion" difficulty mode which increases the game's difficulty and gives Samus the Fusion suit. The two existing Metroid amiibo will unlock exclusive concept art (Samus) and a special soundtrack gallery (Zero Suit Samus).

Originally, fans were confused whether the amiibo were the only ways to access the locked content. However, Nintendo representatives later confirmed to Eurogamer that "this unlockable content is only unlocked using amiibo."

This essentially makes the Fusion difficulty mode and art galleries DLC by way of amiibo. These sort of bonuses were previously unlocked automatically after completing the game, but with the amiibo announcement, Nintendo has essentially raised the full cost of Metroid: Samus Returns to however much it costs to buy all four amiibo. At last check on Amazon, the original Smash Bros. Metroid amiibo sell anywhere from $16 to $25, while the new Metroid amiibo have yet to be priced, though are sold as a set. And that's on top of the $40 price for the game itself.

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