Metro's Author Explains the Franchise's Multiple Endings: "It's Not F***ing Star Wars"

Metro's Author Explains the Franchise's Multiple Endings: "It's Not F***ing Star Wars"

"We're punks."

“It’s not fucking Star Wars, where everything has to be so big and classy,” Metro novelist and co-writer of the games Dmitry Glukhovsky tells me. We’re talking about the multiple endings of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, and any difficulties Glukhovsky and the team at 4A Games had with retconning certain endings moving forward with the series.

Here there be spoilers for the Metro series

In the debut game, Metro 2033, protagonist Artyom has the option of unleashing a missile barrage on the Dark Ones, feared creatures of the metro system underneath Moscow. In the canonical ending to the game, Artyom rains missiles down on the monsters, only to realize that they were attempting to make peaceful contact. In the more positive, but non-canonical ending to Metro 2033, Artyom instead destroys the missile system, sparing the Dark Ones from obliteration.

One in-game year later, Metro Last Light again features two options, only one of which is canonical. All throughout Metro Last Light, Artyom is accompanied by a small Dark One, the only survivor of the group following the canonical ending to Metro 2033. Artyom can either destroy a prized bunker in the non-canon ending to the sequel, or be stopped by the small Dark One in the since-canon ending, with a more peaceful resolution.

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light | 4A Games

I asked Glukhovsky if he ever had any difficulties choosing a canonical ending with the previous two games. “No not at all, I’m basically very playful with that,” he tells me. “First of all, video games are a different form of genre and art, and so you have to skip some things, or cut some things, or add some certain things in. And then my approach is that you have to ensure the overall integrity of the story being told.”

Glukhovsky goes on to explain that with endings in the Metro series, it’s all about perspective. “So we have different approaches of the story, but we also have different angles, depending on who’s telling it. It’s not fucking Star Wars, where everything has to be so big and classy. Fuck it you know, we’re punks.”

So I broached the matter of multiple endings for Metro Exodus, the third game in the series. “This is gonna be not one ending. That’s the most diplomatic answer I can give you,” Glukhovsky tells me. “Because in this game you supposedly have the freedom of choice, this will affect the game as the outcome of your actions. You will be able to affect the destinies of your comrades.”

It’s not entirely clear then, whether Metro Exodus will have multiple endings, or one single ending, with multiple variations and outcomes for your band of companions. We now have under a month to wait and find out, when Metro Exodus releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, on February 15.

If it’s additional coverage of Metro Exodus you’re after, then we’ve got you covered here at USgamer. Check out our extended Metro Exodus preview of the new Caspian Desert section, or our Metro Exodus everything we know guide for more.

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