Microsoft Dropping Actual PUBG Prize Crates Over Australia

Microsoft Dropping Actual PUBG Prize Crates Over Australia

This seems like an idea fraught with peril.

Microsoft is trying something different to promote PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox One in Australia. On December 9, the platform holder will be literally airdropping supply drops onto the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Just like in-game, the supply drops will include unique prizes. Unlike the game, those prizes won't be guns and ghillie suits. Instead, players can win Xbox One X consoles, Elite Controllers, Xbox Live codes, PUBG loot, and PUBG game codes. The supply drops will only open if you know the secret code, which Microsoft will be giving out with the drop locations prior to the event.

Even the the brief teaser video released by Microsoft looks like a bad idea, with folks rushing and pushing each other for a chance to get to the crate. That doesn't even cover the airdropping of the crates in the first place. That seems like a bad idea all around; more likely is a plane will fly overhead and the crates will already be on the ground at their chosen locations.

Regardless, we'll see how Microsoft pulls it off in only a few days. PUBG will release on Xbox One on December 21, 2017.

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