Microsoft Flight Simulator Comes Back From the Dead

Microsoft Flight Simulator Comes Back From the Dead

In 2009, Microsoft shuttered Aces Game Studio, long-time developers of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. The series still quietly persisted, with a PC edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator X making its way to Steam in 2014.

It's been over a decade since a proper last Microsoft Flight Simulator, with 2006's Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Today during Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 conference, we got a trailer of a new entry in the series, and it's aptly called just Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The trailer is very scenic, showing precise flying in planes. We see shots of beautiful vistas, and even a narrow curve around the Seattle. Visually it's stunning, and according to the trailer, it's powered by satellite data and Azure AI. While we don't know the developers behind the project yet, it will be a Microsoft exclusive. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released in 2020, and will be available upon launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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