Microsoft Is Giving Updates on xCloud, X019, and Lots of Games on Tomorrow's Inside Xbox

Microsoft Is Giving Updates on xCloud, X019, and Lots of Games on Tomorrow's Inside Xbox

We'll be seeing The Outer Worlds, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and more games slated for release between now and X019.

Microsoft is holding its next Inside Xbox presentation tomorrow, September 24, and is promising more information on Project xCloud, X019, Game Pass, and fast-approaching games including The Outer Worlds and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The presentation will be streamed at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET on Microsoft's Mixer page. Microsoft may be saving its big announcements for November's X019 event in London, but the Inside Xbox announcement posted to Twitter teases a handful of games that will appear in tomorrow's stream.

In addition to a preview segment for The Outer Worlds, there will be some time devoted to other games coming out between now and X019 including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Afterparty, Code Vein, and Children of Morta. There will also be updates on Day Z, Hitman 2, Atlas, and Felix the Reaper.

As for what we might expect in terms of details on Project xCloud, we know that Microsoft plans on launching a public test for its game streaming service later this year. At E3 2019, Microsoft promised that the option of using your own console like an xCloud server to stream games would launch this October, so we may hear more on that as well.

Tuesday's looking like it'll be a big news day, as the Inside Xbox stream is starting less than two hours after Sony's upcoming State of Play stream. Sony has confirmed that The Last of Us Part 2 will make an appearance at the stream, but there won't be any news on the PlayStation 5.

If tomorrow's Inside Xbox stream ends up being fairly tame, Microsoft may well be waiting to drop more information on xCloud, Project Scarlett, or upcoming games like Halo Infinite at X019. This year, X019 will be held in London and run from November 14-16. For more on Microsoft's next-gen ambitions, check out our guide to Project Scarlett and our hands-on impressions of xCloud from E3 2019.

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