Microsoft Offering You $100 to "Ditch Your PS3" long as you use it to purchase an Xbox One, of course.

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If you're signed up to the Microsoft Store mailing list, you may well have received an email this morning offering you $100 to "ditch" your PS3.

Here's the juicy bit, courtesy of NeoGAF member Lik Chan.

Yes, this is real.

Digging a little deeper into the offer -- which appears to be legit -- reveals the fact that you can also trade in an Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 E, and that you must purchase an Xbox One at the same time as "recycling" your old console in order to receive the store credit.

And don't go thinking that this is an easy way of offloading a faulty console -- you're only eligible for the store credit if the console is in "fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage" and must not be password protected. Oh, and it must include the original chargers and accessories, too.

It's interesting, understandable and a little bit hilarious that Microsoft has chosen specifically to target PS3 owners with this marketing campaign, particularly since the PS3 appears to be in a much more healthy position for the next couple of years (thanks largely to Japanese developers and titles such as Persona 5) than the now all-but-abandoned Xbox 360 -- not to mention the Xbox One's serious lack of must-have games at present. It's also quite amusing that the store credit effectively does nothing more than bring the Xbox One down to the same price as a PS4, which led a NeoGAF member to bring us this chuckle-worthy alternative take on the situation from Sony's perspective:


The console wars are back with a vengeance, people. Things are going to get messy.

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  • Avatar for pkhanh #1 pkhanh 4 years ago
    That's kinda aggressive marketing.
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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #2 Daikaiju 4 years ago
    Jeez. I haven't seen something like this since the "Nintendon't" days.
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  • Avatar for docexe #3 docexe 4 years ago
    They say everything is fair in love and war… but c’mon!
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #4 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Seems a little early for this kind of desperation.
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  • Avatar for metalangel #5 metalangel 4 years ago
    @brionfoulke91 I think it's more trying to get a bigger userbase as quickly as possible.

    Interesting that some of their oldest and therefore most loyal fans are being dissed, because we have the original shape 360 (mine being a 20Gb one circa 2006) and only the S and barely six months old E are being accepted. Will people be offered an equally insulting pittance for their 360 games, that are now useless to them given the One won't play them?
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  • Avatar for Mad-Mage #6 Mad-Mage 4 years ago
    I soooo prefer my PS3 to an Xbox One right now. That means I save $400.
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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit #7 Critical_Hit 4 years ago
    Wow. An obnoxious marketing tactic by Microsoft? Man, I thought they were good for ONE WEEK away from this shit :P

    Guess they showed me! *sigh*

    At least it's only at MS Stores, so it's only like, what... 4 places in America? Btw, how stupid would you be to get rid of a 7-year old console with a far more diverse library title than an overhyped, overpriced black brick of a machine right now, who's biggest retail games all contain microtransactions? This is dumb beyond belief. I'm done wasting typing time on this...
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  • Avatar for Windwhale #8 Windwhale 4 years ago
    Microsofts goal is obvious: they try to peruade people that their old (Sony-) consoles are obsolete, useless garbage. It is not about the number of consoles sold through this deal, but about the statement itself.

    I hope they fail miserably!

    If I had a PS3, I would actually keep it (still thinking about buying one, since there are a bunchof cool, creative games for it). But if I felt the uncontrollable urge to get rid of a console, I would rather gift it to someone else, than let Microsoft "recycle" it (in other words: throw it away and increase the amount of worldwide waste production) and in return giving me a mere DISCOUNT for a product I do not want!

    Sane people, who really intend to give away a perfectly functional console and who want receive some ACTUAL money for it, just sell it on ebay.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2014 by Windwhale
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  • Avatar for Thusian #9 Thusian 4 years ago
    I really hope US Gamer does not intend to do a story every time something like this happens. Of course MS is going to try to sway people onto their platform, its hardly news and I would rather they gave space to interesting editorials or analysis of game designs.
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  • Avatar for MissDeviling #10 MissDeviling 4 years ago
    Now they're just being rude.
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  • Avatar for Fractalhedron #11 Fractalhedron 4 years ago
    To be fair, I did ditch my PS3.

    For a PS3.

    It was a last-legs BC version that ran hot enough to make my room uncomfortable, and I figured a Super Slim might actually last through my backlog.
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